Journals Journals Journals

I have Journals coming out of my ears at the moment... thank goodness i love doing them.. for those of you that don't know, i partisipate in what you call a Round Robin circle Journal swap.
What this entails is that you start an art journal, with stories, artwork, drawings, doodles, anything that takes your fancy, you do a few pages in your own journal, then send it on to someone else, in the mean time you receive someone elses journal and add to theirs, and then you send it of again.. This happens for months and months, and when you finally get your journal back, it is filled with the most amazing snippets of other peoples lives, art, and creativity. I adored the first one i received back, and i have 3 more floating around the hemisphere at this very moment. i will share a few of the pages with you.
These are just a few of my favorite pages, and I cant wait to receive mine back!
thanks for reading....................Ax