THE CATCH UP ISSUE!! for the family not in Brissy!

Hi Everyone, - to all not here, this post is for you, for those that are here and for my blog followers.... sorry this is going to bore you to tears!
Yes it has been a while since i posted on my blog!!! SORRY!!! here is the CATCH UP ISSUE FOR YOU ALL. Since my last post i have become an Aunty! A REAL aunty, well i am a real Aunty to many of my husbands siblings childrens, but this is the first time i have become an Auny to MY Siblings first Child. My Dear Brother and his gorgeous Pink loving Wife had a baby girl, and she is adorable. Please meet Amelia Rose. (excuse granny's mouth in the left hand corner!!)

She is as sweet as pie, and a very good girl for her mummy and daddy... (as well as being a pork chop!) Aunty Niss loves you button!

My little Miss Angel/Monster ... well she is just growing fast and her little personality is cracking me up constantly, she come out with the funniest things.. At the moment she has changed her name to Doctor Mary, or Unicorn.. she is NOT Abby! "Dr Mary" has been a busy bee at kindy, and she is loving it, FINALLY... She has a great bunch of girls that care for her, and they love her very much. Miss A has become fixated on dancing, she wants to do ballet, (dancing with Hi 5 or the Wiggles doesn't cut it anymore!), so i guess that will be her next big adventure... getting into a tutu!
Master BJ is plodding along at school nicely, all the struggles from the begining of the year seem to have evaporated and he is doing well, he starts the Arts/Music extention program early next year and is excited to be given the opportunity to further his studies externally as well as continuing with his normal studies at school. Year 10 will be a big one for him! He is just about to sit the grade 9 exams and has assured me he is ready! (we will wait and see!!)
My dear Hubby is working hard.. as usual, lots of wedding, functions and club commitments (not to mention the pub and golf) are keeping him running, and away from home for most of our "awake" time.. we are starting to forget what he looks like!!! (Bring on Xmas).
As for me... BORING!! Work has been quite busy for this time of year, thanks to the avid knitters who will still knit in summer... WE LOVE YOU! there are lost of classes and knit-a-longs happening at the moment, so its keeping me on my toes, let alone employed!
Well thats about it for this CATCH UP issue of creative"niss", thanks for stopping by.......Ax