Play doh....

In our house besides painting (daily) Miss Angel/Monsters and my next (for the mean time) favorite thing to do is play with play doh.. usually she will smoosh it all up, hand it to me and say "look mummy, its a monster"... then ask me to make her 5 thousand other things... but the other day she asked for the play doh box, went outside to the table, and played for a while... these are what she created...
I love them all... they had to stay like this for daddy to see, needless to say the doh dried out, and it had to be thrown away.. but she was proud of her creations...
Yesterday a Wonderful Girlfriend gave me a nice easy recipe for home made doh, so we will be creating again real soon.. I will share Carol's Doh recipe with you......
2 cups plain flour
1 cup salt
4 teasp cream of tartar
2 cups water
tablsp oil
food colouring.
mix food colouring, oil and water in a saucepan and stir in dry ingredients
cook over medium heat for approx 5 min, stirring constantly
mixture will be thick and as it cooks it will come away from the pot and stick together in a ball.
Carol then added to this...."i made this heaps and heaps when mine were little cute children", now they are not so cute teenagers.. - that was my favorite part in the recipe!
thanks Carol, luv ya guts! thanks for reading........Ax


neca84 said...

LOL I am famous, appearing on another persons blog, hahaha made me laugh to read the bit about the not so cute teens lol. So glad the doh worked out great and that Abby is enjoying it, luv your guts too xxx