where do i get my inspiration?????

well........ im a huge craft book collector, blog surfer, and site visitor, and have some amazing friends (and relatives) that if they see something they think i would enjoy seeing, they send me the link..... but what i usually do is look at them, read them, admire them, and then forget them, and make up my own. i would have to say my biggest inspiration, and critics for that matter are my kids, they are brutally honest, if i make a doll or toy and Miss angel/monster runs off with it... i know its a winner, if she looks at it, turns and walks away........i can it!!!! the same with master B, he will either say its awesome!!!, in which case i go with it, if he tries to say, wellllll, um, its,... in the trash it goes.... and that is how i work!!! Its not just with my toys/stuffies, its with everything, drawings, jewellery, everything i make, if its no o.k.ed by the kids, its not good enought to sell or make again! and that seems to work for me.
as i said earlier i do have a "smallish".. ok "largish" collection of books, i have taken some pics of my all time favorites for you. Now with these book, i have to admit, i have read them thousands and thousands of times, but, i have never made anything out of any of them!! i just cant bring myself to do it! i dont know why, it just doesnt feel right!.... which i guess is why a make my own stuff up. accept the cupcake book that is, i will make alllllllllllll of them ....eventually....
so above we have CUPCAKES by Susanna Tee, there isnt a huge selection of cupcakes in there but they are all the ones you need...everything from family favorites, afternoon tea's, sticky cupcakes, and party cupcakes... what more do you need really.
and my "at the moment" favorite to read is SUBLIME STITCHING by Jenny Hart this book, has some amazing stitchery projects and patterns, and is written in 101 terms, so easy to follow, and even gave me the occasional giggle!
we all know and love MORE SOFTIES by a team of talented crafters including Sandra Monat, Louise Hatchard, Elisa Lataster, and Carly Schwerdt to name just a few, its a great little book full of softie inspiration, patterns, how too's and little stories about every little character these fabulous designers create!
This cute little book, called the cute book by Aranzi Aronzo, is a little book with lots of felt mascots to create, reading this book made me giggle a little, because i presume it was originally published in Japan and when translated, it just didnt seem to come out.. ( if i am wrong and someone knows which language it was originally in, please let me know!), its a classic!
and Invasion of the plush monsters by Veronika Alice Genter, now this book.. i got them to order it in at work for me, because with a title like that, it must be an awesome book, well.... i have to say i was very dissapointed with it, but bought it anyway, to show me what NOT to create!!!!
the 3 above Felting and wool magic by Jorie johnson, Felted Bags, boots and other things by Cendrine Armani, and Warm fuzzies by Betz White are all book i love to refer back to constantly for little tips on making cord etc etc, they have great little tit bits in them! these 4 books above Home Sweet Home by Jane Cumberbatch, Crafts for baby by Alison Jenkins (and before you ask... NO i am not pregnant!!!!!), Sew Pretty Homestyle by Tone Finnanger, and Embroidered Bags and Purses by Susan O'Connor, are all simply gorgeous books full of patterns and inspiration for anything from bags, rugs, quilting, stitchers, cushions, even vintage clothing, they are the sweetest books ever!!!!
Judith Parker Montano who is the author of ELEGANT STITCHES and FLORAL STITCHES is one amazing woman, i would love to sit and have a cuppa and a chat about all things stitchy with this lady, her work is incredible, and every time i turn the page i am in awe of the work she puts into her pieces.. I am and have been working on a crazy quilt for quite a long time, and im sure i will still be working on it into my 50's!!! When i open her books, i can help but get it all out again, and start another block!
The Well Knit home by Gina Macris is just that, an assortment of knitting projects for the home, anything from dish cloths, to incredible owl cabled rugs. its a great book.
and last but not least of my favorite craft books are these 4 . Weardowney Knit Courture by Henry Conway and Gail Downey its a magic collection of amazing knits to wear, i would NEVER in my wildest dreams attempt anything in this book, but the photography, all stunningly done, and the weras are to die for!!!! Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson is a book that will become a classic, it has gicts to make all withih=n time limits... if you have 2hr, then there is something to knit in that time, if you have a month, then there is a projest in there for that too. FELT by Robyn Steel-Stickland is one of the best little felting books i have read, the other i do not own...YET..... but will soon! it is full of projects to make your mouth water, from textured arty cushions, to grid curtains, this is a book, that i need to have around me all the time, it shown amazing techniques with easy instructions. And KNIT SPEAK by Andrea Berman Price to me she is a legend, for all the time i have been knitting, i have never been able to read a pattern, or what the abbreviations stand for anyway... and with this cute little pink book by my side, i have even attempted Intarsia!!!! thanks for reading........ and maybe i will adda few more of my books next time..............Ax


Mumfies said...

Check out my friend's cupcakes. She's amazing!

Simone was runner up by not even 1% in an awards night very recently.

elisa said...

Thanks for the link!

Lovely collection of craftbooks.
I always get confused with patterns, only use books for inspiration. Make up my own patterns as I go along.
Happy craft times to you.