a bit to share today

i was only going to do a small post to tell a few who were interested about where i get my inspiration from today.......but before i do that i really need to share something.
Today Miss Angel/Monster and i went to the Brookfield Show.... lots of dirt and dust, horses, the odd ride, pig races..you getting the idea, a good ole country show!. Anyway the shop i work for Threads and More had put together a basket of goodies for first prize in a raffle, and they asked if my rug that was made for Abby could be sent in as a bit of a show and tell (to kinda get people to visit the shop), so of course i agreed, the more customers we have the longer i keep my job !!!! this is the rug below....
now i love this rug more than anything in the world as does Miss A.... so while we were at the show we though we would go and visit it, and take a picture of it up on display... being the proud crafter i am!!!!!, so imagine my disbelief when i walk into the handmade/craft hall and i see this..
on display with a ribbon and certificate attatched..WTF!!!!, so i ring work and say there has been a mistake and they entered my rug in the comp instead of just having it on display!!!! to which they reply, umm no, we entered it for you ..... well i was blown away.... i was extatic to have it displayed at the show, but to win a prize.... ahh, i will be humble.. (that is as soon as i come of cloud nine!!!!!!)

and a little pic of miss A playing her fist ever sideshow alley game..... as you can see, she was a little too short and the ball never made it into the clowns mouth once... mummy had to drop it when she said drop..... and for our efforts we won some blowing bubbles with a blower that was too big to fit in the bottle...... ahh well, we had fun..

now i have been working on designing a few little house embroiderys for a quilt im working on, i kinda like these ones the best.

i still have to embroider the welcome sign and the little birdy on this one below.

thats about it for now, i will be back later tonight, with my inspiration post.......... until then thanks for reading..........Ax


Nicc79 said...

YAY!!! Congratulations Niss!! Well Done :)

niss said...

thanks Nikki x x x

Mumfies said...

Woo hoo to you! How wonderful for you! My in-laws are always at the show, in the history group. We never go... went once. Maybe next year. Glad you both had fun and were pleasantly surprised!