what have i made lately.....

not alot really, with mothering duties, new owners at work, and Round robin journals coming out of my ears, there isnt many hours left in the day, but there is a little bit to show you... so here it is.. i have been making a few new bracelets for my etsy store the first 3 are charm style bracelets

dont ya just love the chunky hand model!!!!! (yep its me)!!
then these 2 bracelets are french knitted
this is a strawberry ice block made from felt, i have to add a face to it, its for the felt food with faces group!!
and lastly, i am in a row house club, this it the latest i have made
yes, its a florist!
ohh, and before i forget i have become a twit!!!! check me out here- http://twitter.com/abbysgarden thanks for reading....................Ax


Mumfies said...

All very lovely :)
What do you do with all the stuff you make, apart from the stuff for sale?
You're always so busy!

Linda said...

Oh wow your bracelets are just lovely.
Cheers Linda

niss said...

thanks ladies!

Julie said...

Oh look therei s my blue braclet which I love so dose Rochelle lol