just a quick update

well hello !!! i have finally moved house, and we have settled (temporarily!!!!!!) well, we couldnt find anything to buy in the 3 weeks that we had, so yes.... we are renting for 6 months, what a pain in the butt, having to move everything all over again!. So now we are house hunting all over again, it just drives me absolutely nuts!! i have finally set up my ETSY store...(look over to the right and scroll down a bit, you will see the link), but i will put it here too in case your finger is too sore to scroll that mouse. www.abbysgarden.etsy.com , its been up about 2 weeks now, and i have had 6 sales, so i am pretty stoked!! On the creative side of things....... NIL, ZIP, ZERO, i have nothing to show you!!! Yes i hear you all gasping, not a thing! AAAAHHHHHHGGGHHHH, i am having withdrawals, but i have been too busy uploading things to the new etsy shop. I did however pack the kiddlet up and head over to a GF's house to do some crafting on Saturday, i actually sat and made a cat dotee, i know nothing to exciting, but hey, its something... toodles for now, Ax


Ronnie said...

Wow you are a cleaver little chicky!! I am in love with those braclets!! Now to choose the colour i want!!