Hiya, i have got a few pictures of what i have been making lately, not really alot to show, i have been doing extra hours at work so i haven't had a lot of time to do much, Miss A is going through a "i want mummy all the time" stage at the moment too, so i have been spending lots of quality time with my angel doing mummy/ daughter things and it has been so much fun!! She is at that age now where she will have this huge conversation with you, and enjoys dress ups, balls and books!! i think we must read at least 20 books a day. She is also becoming quite a fine singer and dancer..lol.. she is hilarious! She only knowss every third or forth word in the wiggles songs but the ones she knows she sings LOUD!! and she knows ALL the actions! i just love watching her! Master B is still doing well at school, Im quite proud of him. He is having lot of band rehersals at the moment, getting ready for the ekka (Brisbane show) they are performing there and he is looking forward to it, as am i going to see him, i haven't been to the ekka in YEARS!! well thats it for the family update.. heres what i've been up to .. in the last week i have attended two felting courses, one for new techniques where i made a stunning fine felted and embellished wrap, but i havent got any pictures of it as my mum has already claimed it as hers!, and then the other one was for advanced moulding. I made a hat and bag, and i am really happy with how they turned out.

me wearing the hat!!!
and i whipped up these 2 scarves for friends, they dont know they are getting them yet, so i cant say who there for! this little birdie bellow is a pin cushion that flew its way to finland. I made the felt then embroidered it.
a circular dotee on its was to the USA and this is a mummy and baby dotee that i made to angel terri (teeyore) she didn't receive hers from her assigned person!!! (i hope she got them as i haven't heard!) and another pin cushion with altered pins this time, i just loved making this, and think i have another new addiction! (again i made the felt)
a dotee atc made from Kaffe Fasset fabric, i love his fabrics! and the matching dotee. in the garden dotee (front) (and back)
and i am now the proud owner of an Amelia doll made by the ever so talented Dot, unfortunately Dot has closed her blog for public viewing so there is no point it adding her link (as it wont go there!!)... such a sad thing to happen thats all from me........goodnight................................Ax


Terri said...

Hi Niss,
Yes I got my mummy & baby dotee dolls, thankyou so much for being my angel. All your felting looks great.... I want to start felting but really don't have time for another hobby. I am so sad Dot closed her blog, really enjoyed seeing what she made.... hopefully she'll open it again another day. Take care.

Me :) said...

Anissa, your felted designs are adorable! I stopped by to let you know that there is a card waiting for you at 2 Croppin Cousinz. You can see it here.


Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Niss, I just wanted to say, hi, hoping everything is well. I absolutely adore all your creations, my goodness girl you can sew, they are amazing.

Take care Niss.

Carole xx