ekka, and other stuff!!

Well, where to start today, ok, the ekka, every year in Brisbane we have the "ekka" its the exhibition,... show bags, rides, displays, food, food, food, animals, etc, etc, this year Master B and the concert band played, they were excellent, they palyed music from Grease, Loony Toons, Pink Floyd, Queen, they were incredible

yes that is him puffing on the tuba!.. so while we were there, and because i havent been to the ekka in years we though we would look around, and i have to say side show alley hasn't change much at all, the rides may be faster, and brighter, but they are still the same faithful rides as always.!! but i have to say, the poor clowns, you no the ones where that heads turn and you push the tiny dinged up pingpong balls down ther gob till in falls into a number, then you win the tacky bouncy headbands or the blue lion that you hand somewhere around your house till you throw it out a week later, well the poor things could do with a tad of oil and maybe a new "makeup" job, heres a couple of pictures i took, i no i am no flash photographer, but i was pretty happy with some of my photos!
yep, that is Syl and I with big Wal!!
and then at the end of the night there is the fireworks, they went longer than i normally remember as a "younger" person!! and where quite worth the wait in the freezing cold!
since i last posted i have had a birthday too... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!
i got very spoiled, i even got a stomach bug!!!!!!!, so i got spoiled and am 5kgs lighter.. ahh to cool!
i have been working on 12 months of dotees too, here they are Jan to December!
and one for a swap! and a couple of new stuffies! i LOVE the button stuffie!
and a stuffie for Wyatt thats all from me today..... guess what im going to SCRAP on friday......yay!!!! .....................Ax


Terri said...

Hi Niss,

Looks like you had fun at the Ekka...I haven't been for about 15yrs. Love all the dotee dolls. You are so good to be scrapping, I haven't scrapped since the retreat.

Take Care,
Terri xx

Mumfies said...

I haven't been to the ekka in at least 20 years. No intention of going before I die!!!! Great update, thanks so much. Hi to your darling big boy, and all the fam. Hope he had a great football year. We got to the semi's. VERY exciting!
See ya! Miss you all.

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Fira Z. said...

Nice ;)