a lot to show you!

so this weeks chit chat i will start of with what i have received over the last week, as i said there is lots and lots and lots to show you. i have been very spoiled, by many many people, but i have to say Kathleen aka wrgmama, you are the most generous caring wonderful person i have ever ever ever had anything to do with , your generosity and love for others has amazed me in more ways than one! Kathleen made Miss A this absolutely amazing i spy quilt , (for those that dont know what an i spy quilt is, it is a quilt designed for children to find things, to learn words, colours, shapes etc) it is filled with the most wondeful fabric ever and you can tell just by holding it it was put together with so much thought and love for my little girl.. it contains all the things that miss A loves the most (she especially loves the nanas!, that would be bananas)

it has strawberries, pretzels, apples, babanas, russian dolls, bob the builder, mms, dogs, cats, guitars, spots, pigs, birds, koalas, butterflies, bugs, dozers, instruments, tigers and lions, boats and planes, guitars, presents, dolls, dancing pigs, zebras, fish, watermelon, different colours and patterns... you name it its on there ..it is adorable...
here are some pikkies of Miss A enjoying her 'favorite item' she owns at the moment, she plays on it, sleeps with it, just wont let it go!
also from Kathleen i received this box full to the brim with pressies and craft goodies, and some child friendly dotee dolls.... again thinking of Miss A... and a fabulous knitted handbag for me!!
i have hung my handbag on my 'handmade handbag' wall..... yes such a thing does exist in my home!!!!
here are the child friendly Dotees, i think they are so cute! below is the dotee i received from the dotee does stripes swap.. she is my favorite at the moment, her shape is just perfect to hold, and her head wear is adorable it, was done with such perfection, i lot of care went into this dotee! miss buttons dottee and tommy the turtle and for the wizard of oz swap - can you tell which character i got, aint he cute! polka dot dotee from brandy in canada happy dotee
mermaide dotee from Jenny - flickr group icicle doll from brandy in canada and this sweet precious oriental doll from one of my favorite people in the world Marja aka laplandyellow from the Netherlands and hula dotee isnt this the cutest tree invader ever!
hoo hoo a cute little felted owl and cupcake And here is what i have been making and sending away.........
this mermaid dotee went to cindy in the flickr group
i hand beaded all the front of this little princess
for the animal dotee swap (in case you cant tell, its a pig!) my 2 newest stuffies Kristen and Justin another butterfly dotee, this one was by request, for a lovely lady in the US who lost a loved one they called Butterfly, she saw the other one i made and asked for one to be done in purple. I heard she arrived yesterday with a bent wing.... and she is going to leave it bend to show she flew a long way, all the way from Australia... how cool!
80's dotee wyatt the cowboy dotee, for a little boy names wyatt! and Kathleen the summer garden dotee. o.k. now that show and tell is out of the way, its time for news.... Miss A is finally settling into daycare she only cries when i drop her off now not all day like she use to! her carers say she is happy once she stops crying, she partisipates in everything, and loves to play with the other kids, but she is still more interested in handing out with the carers, they say she helps them put out the food, and prepare things for the craft table... maybe she will be like her beautiful mummy and crafty who knows.... could send me broke, having 2 in the house.. her speech is coming on well, talking the leg of an iron horse actually, no sentences yet, but lots of words, and understandable words at that, i think daycare is helping with that too.
Master B has just finished school holidays he had 2 days at rock band school, and thoroughly enjoyed himself, they all got to try instruments they had never tried before, and they say he has a natural talent for the drums...oh no... i say, he has enough instruments in his room, they said anything he picked up, he could play, they put on a concert at the end of each day when we picked them up, and i have to say.. wow, he played the electric drums for the first songs they played and he was awesome... he also sang some AC/DC - back in black, and played the bass guitar, which he also appatently picked up pretty naturally... and the electric guitar which he has been playing for a while.. they want to see him again, they think there is something there they would like him to follow on with... we alway said from birth he would be on stage for something!!
my school holiday classes were a huge hit, we had kids coming out of our ears, i ended up having two helpers... there was so many! The creations they made were incredible, i sure learnt alot from them as well! we are going to run them in the next holidays as well, we have already got people signed up, which is great! I havent done much scrapping, i was doing my entries for the masters, but with the 2 weeks of kids classes, being sick and having Miss A sick, and being postal dead line tomorrow, i dont think its going to happen, but there is still the for keeps awards to look forward too, maybe i will find some time now that Miss A is in care on fridays as well, never know!
To all that visit my blog and leave me wonderful words of encouragement, either by comments or by cbox, thankyou, i am trying tonight to get around to you all and visit and do the same.. thanks again. till next time tata........................Ax


Ronnie said...

Hey Niss, I love the owl you got, and that mermaid you made is AMAZING!! They all are, you are such a clever little thing aren't you!!!

Mumfies said...

Phew! I'm pooped just reading all that! But... what was the life changing decision???!!!!
Saw an ad the paper for a knitter at work. Hope you find one. My Miss E has just started knitting so maybe next year she'll be ready!

Terri said...

WOW!!!! Love all the dotees - both made by you and ones you received....makes me jealous as I so want to get more involved with the forum groups but will have to wait until uni finishes at the end of the year.

Look after yourslef and will hopefully catch up soon.

Kelli Gotje said...


It's me Kelli from swap-bot. I was just looking at your blog and I saw my pink bunny! I sent her in the 5 Things Bunny swap on flickr. I think I sent her to Portugal so she must have had a nice trip across the world before comeing back here to you!