a whirl wind week

i have not had a good week, i had to make a life changing decision, it was hard but is now done. So how has your week been? I really dont have a lot to share with you this week, it has been pretty quite (accept for the buzzing in my brain from all the thinking i have been doing),but besides that its just been work and kids really. not much crafting either i have a few things i can share -

I felted this cream cushion cover......im pretty happy with how it turned out, shame its not for me!

and this is my latest LO for Scrapbook city. dont you love the birdie bling!

I also received a little mail this week too!

this delicate little dotee from jstubbs

and this cool lime green package from Chris.....i know WOW

and this one from Lilychouchou, a handbag stuffed with craft goodies! ..................Ax


Jen said...

Whose a lucky girl then.

Mumfies said...

You certainly get lots of goodies posted to you!
So what's the life changing decision? Details woman!

Anonymous said...

Hi came across your blog ,I love it and I love you dotees .Can I add you to my fouvorites pleeese!
love from sesga xx
ps come visit my blog i would like that .