what happened this week

Not a lot really!!! My cousin Simone from Germany has notified us all that she is expecting....this is so exciting for her and "the man we call Hagrid"..lol..and we are all over the moon about it!!! She was here in January for a couple of months and we had a hoot, we all miss her and Brigitta terribly, and cant wait to go over for the christening...maybe even wedding bells will chime....hehe... (Simone are you reading this!!!!). the kids are doing well, Miss A started day care this week, she is only going one day a week, which i think is a good thing, i was so nervous for her, but as usual there was no reason to be, she just jumped right in and started playing with the play doh and all the other kids, there wasn't even a wave good bye, and as for tears there were none from her at all...however i sobbed all the way to work!!!! (and didnt take my makeup for a quick touch up) so i looked like i had been up all night!!! Master B is doing well at school, as some of you know he had a "rough" start but things have panned out, he is getting amazing grades in the top 10% of the year, and staying out of trouble! (yeehoo). i caught these shots of him over the weekend
i cant tell you the technical names for the "grooves he is pulling" in his words, they are something like" a half twist tripple deck ollie with a double flip turn grind, while gettin some air man"!!!!! wow i said in return, followed by PUT A BLOODY HELMET ON!! Gosh knows i cant speak that language!!!
We had an amazing embroidery class on at work this week, it would have to be the finest needlework i had ever seen in my life, Alison rocks!! Places are filling fast in my holiday classes which is a good thing, at least i know people like my work! either that or there is absolutely nothing else to do during the school holiays..lol.
Craft wise, i have been on a downer this week, just cant find the motivation, i have been working on a few items going overseas, and a chipboard Album i have been asked to do for the Scrapbook Convention being held over the Queens birthday long weekend at the convetion centre in Brisbane, im pretty excited about it, i have almost finished, it should be completed tonight to drop off tomorrow, just a few final touches to add, but i just dont know what those touches are yet!!! (scrappers block!). I cant post pictures of it yet, i will after the convention, but i can show you the other goodies i have been working on..
this is a dottee doll made for a Hula swap, im not sure where she is going yet, i will let you know! i beaded her bikini top, (if a little wonky) but she has personality plus!
this little music dotee is off to the US, the key board fabric i received from a gorgeous lady in the Netherlands, and i embroidered the little music notes on, im quite attatched to this one, and am having trouble letting her go, hence why she is still at my house, but she will be going on her big trip in the morning...sad, sad...
this little lady is off to a cat lover also in the US, you cant see it in the picture but there is a fish bone button on top of her head, i thought it appropriate!!
these are ones i have received this week.....
i just love this little angel, to me she is saying i am sweet, i am tranquill, she is only just over an inch big, she is a dotee to dote on!!ah one of my favorites i have received so far, she came to me from Holland from a wonderful lady named Marja (laplandyellow) she is just devine, as is Marja... Marja's english in her writing is pretty broken so this is what i could interperate from her card, the little story of this girl goes...she is sitting on the moon dreaming she will fill the world with flowers, delivering them one by one... (Marja i love the story, and the way you wrote it sounded like it came from your heart, like it was your dream....thankyou, i love her xxxxx)

and last but not least, i love the little face on this little girl, and the bead work is amazing, the photo does not do this little dotee justice!!!

So to all who have sent me these precious dolls this week, i say THANKYOU x x x ....................Ax


Mumfies said...

Busy as always, I see. I really don't know how you fit craft in. I s'pose if I didn't do so much else maybe I could but... nah, probably not! I'm no good at it anyway! Maybe I should come in for lessons.....

On the childcare side, working in one, really one day is not enough, two are better. Miss A might be ok but they do settle with two. Hope I'm wrong though :)
I'm in a school at the moment which is a huge change and I'm enjoying it. The five days full-time is a bit much though. Back to "normal" next week for me. My kids will be pleased too.

Those little dolls are really quite lovely, BTW.

Yes, tell your big boy to put on a helmet, he's making me nervous! Cool pics of him. Glad he's enjoying school and doing well. All well and good at our end too, after a bit of a rough start. Great results in the report card last term too, which was wonderful.

We miss you all at football. Hope you're happy with your new club. Fancy going for something so close and convenient, Jings!

Terri said...

Hi Niss,

Love the dotees you've been making. I just finished my mummy & baby one and had heaps of trouble sending them off. Can't wait to get finished with uni so I can spend more time doing craft. Really want to do some classes eg felting et at your shop but just can't fit it all in at the moment.

Will catch up with you soon (hopefully).

Jen said...

I really don't know how you do it all and have a baby and son AND work AND scrap AND well everything. You are making me feel soooooo guilty for not doing anything lol

laplandyellow said...

yes, mine sweet dream dotee, is well at you, and please give her a big hug from me?(lol).