quick family update

i will start with hip hip horay to My Uncle Daryl, who celebrated his big 50th and to my Cousin Thomas who just had his 21st, they had a huge combined party at the family property in the Hunter Valley, and unfortunately i was the only one not there!!! but as you can see by the photos a great night was had by all... it was a "come as an aussie icon party"....
this is Thomas dresses as good ole Reggie Reagon, mmmm isnt he a stunner!
Daryl, (Sir Les Patterson), and his charming wife, my auntie, the bundy girl!!!!
Sir Les, and my mother, "Madge" (Dame edna's brides maid) yes that fur is fake for all you that thought...hmmm i wonder if she is really wearing a fox fur there!

and there has to be one in every crowd...Dad .. aka Chad Morgan..... Ah yes i am so proud of my parents!!

Next Congrats to my beautiful friend Tammy and her hubby Paul on the birth of their beautiful baby boy Joshua

aint he the sweetest looking bub.... they say he is an angel, sleeping like a dream, and has mummy and daddy wrapped around his little fingers all 10 of them!

No. 1 son has just had "Band camp" yes yes i know they all say it to him, and he just looks at them weird, and i tell him when he is a little older i will let him see American Pie, and he will know what they are talking about! he loved it, and is extremely excited to be the only grade 8 student asked to go in the band ever in the whole lifetime of the school! "let alone being on camp with the "big kids".. and he is playing at the ekka, wow wee i hear you say, to him this is huge!!

My little angel monster is growing so fast, and boy is she a little Lady muck, she brings me the brush and a hairband most mornings to do her hair, and is carrying a handbag around most of the day....yes she is becoming a real girly girl, which is quite funny to me as i never really was one to don the girly things, until now that is!

I'm still totally loving my job, we had a huge sale today and boy was it busy, i dont normally work saturdays, and i can definitely say i earned my money today..

Think Pinq at Mooloolabah, as most of you know is my SIL's pride and joy, well i have to say she is quite devastated at the moment, as she went to work on Thursday to be greeted with water gushing out of her shop, "apparently" it came from somewhere on the level above them in oceans arcade, and totally flooded and ruined all, and i mean ALL her stock, and you know what the saddest part is OCEANS LUXURY APARTMENTS DONT GIVE A SH#T !!! They said "we will get a plumber in to take a look" lol, i think they will need more than a plumber, maybe an engineer would do the trick, as you see above Think Pinq's shop is THE POOL!!!! knock knock centre management, is there any brain in there!!!! So she is closed at the moment while renovations and the clean up is being done!!! For any of you that have been to Think Pinq (the esplanade, Oceans Arcade Mooloolaba), would know that this is a tragedy, as it is the most adorable little shop filled with all things girly!! and if you havent been give it 2 weeks, and you MUST visit the all new shop when at the Sunshine Coast, you wont be dissapointed...

well that about covers it today, thanks for reading.......Ax