my poor Craig

did anyone watch the footy last night, the roosters (formally known as my team) vs the rabbitohs (now known as my team)....... what an opening poor Craig only lasted all of 8 minutes, before he received a shoulder charge from a rooster....a rooster which just happened to be the player that took on his No. 9 jumper!!!!!! So a dislocated shoulder has sidelined my little Wing for at least 6 weeks....grrr...not happy, what else is there to look at now, sure there a lots of super fit, hot bodied gents that play the game, but come on, they are not Craig Wing! this is what the coach Jason Taylor had to say- They deliberately held him up so the other player could come in and hit him with his shoulder in his back," Taylor said. "If you look at it closely you can actually see his eyes light up saying to the other bloke 'I've got him, I'm holding him up, get him'. "There's a lot been talked about cleaning up the game ... he got held up so someone else could smash him." "It was a cheap shot. "I'd imagine that would be something that they train for and they did it well." ooohhh, nasty words, i hope he is right, all he could be in for a little slap on the wrist himself! thats enough footy talk......Ax