this week blog challenge

This weeks theme is...... 'when I was a little girl I couldn't wait to grow up so I could.......hmmmm..... thinking think think thinking..O.K. got it.

When I was a little girl I couldn't wait to grow up so I could..... well i can't say i ever thought about growing up as a kid, i loved being a little girl, i had a great childhood, lived everywhere, went to almost as many schools as years i was schooling, saw parts of the world many haven't, did most things a child does, from the city to the country, dressed pretty, got dirty, behaved, misbehaved, bashed up my brother, and got bashed back!!! but it was all good fun, so i cant say i wanted to grow up to do anything really.. how ever I have achieve things i always wanted to achieve.. and through out the years my goals change, and i get new ones.. In my late teens i wanted to be a hairdresser, so I became a hairdresser, then in my early 20's i wanted to achieve more in hairdressing, so i entered competitions, and achieved all i wanted there, then marriage, kids... yes they followed.. then as you all know i fell into scrapbooking.....(thanks again, and again Leah)xxx and after a few years of that i wanted to be published... and yes that happened too! So really all i wanted as a child was to achieve all and as much as i could....and i think i have done that up until now i have new goals that i am working on at the moment, and i sure i will
achieve them too! see you soon.........Ax


Mumfies said...

Great photos and story too! You're always so interesting and into life. Where do you get all your energy from? Good for you!
I wish I was like that.... but I can't be bothered!
(well, I do do lots, just have nothing to show, it's all for school and sport for the kids. Maybe I should find something for me. Yuh!)

Terri said...

Love the photos and the story. Thanks for taking up the challenge

Brendy xx said...

These are awesome photos Niss.... love what you wrote.... thanks for sharing... Great idea, now I should have done something along your lines too :)
Take Care