We had at Threads and More, the wonderful Raewyn Penrose from New Zealand visiting the store, sharing her enthusiasm, creativity and skills with many people who were lucky enough to secure a place in one of her inspiring classes. i WAS one of the lucky ones!! wanna see what i created????
i made this beautiful hat!, and i just adore it, i wore it at work all day today! I made it with out the flower on friday, and when i bought it into work this morning to show the girls the finished (dried) result, this blousy bloom (flower) was sitting on a display. It was made by the amazingly talented Marion Douglas, so i JUST HAD TO pin it to my hat! so now its mine! (another class i will have to do )
and this cool bag, i used some pre felts for the circles, and wet felted it all down to this, it has 3 pockets inside for all the bits we as women collect throughout the day!!
once the sholder straps are made it will be a back pack.
I also took a class last week with the just as talented and amazing textile artist Phillipa Rooke. Phillipa tought me how to Nuno flelt, this is a branch of felting i have NEVER done before, and its different form wet felting as such, you felt wool sliver onto beautiful silk fabric, its so delicate and soft.
yesss, just another textile addiction to add to my ever growing list..
thanks for reading.................. Ax