Hiya!, i have been a busy bee..... ive been drawing, stitching, sewing, designing annnnnnd.. shopping... i have a few things to show you, not a lot though, most of it is in the bottom of the U.F.O (unfinished objects!) basket waiting to be done for christmas.... soo today we have.....

a few inchies, some fabric, some doodled with sharpie, some painted. these were for a swap. arr.... meet Bailey the OOAKie monster, he has gone off to live in Revesby NSW, adopted by a little boy there.
embroidered needle case, i doodled this pattern on paper first then stitched the design onto fabric before turning it into a needle case, this too has been "adopted", and i must admit, i didnt want to part with it, i may have to design another for myself. TWEEEEEEEEEEET!
ahh dont ya just love a take away coffee first thing in the morning, these are coffee cozies, the best invention in the world!! they literally take 12 minutes to make, and save your fingers too..
i made this doll a while ago, and she sat high and proud on my craft shelves waiting for me to decide what i wanted to do with her, i really wanted to keep her, but you know me, i dont keep ANYTHING i make!, so i send her off to my beautiful niece Amelia Rose, where she now sits proudly on her shelves! ( i do miss her though)....
and this little teapot sweetie, i originally made it to use in my craft room, so many pins and not enough pin cushions... but yet again, it found an admirer, and YES i handed it over! when will i learn to say NO! lol!
i will have more to add soon, but in the meantime,
be true to yourself , be true to your craft... yes you do great stuff remember that!!
thanks for reading......................................Ax