Biggest Morning Tea for Cancer

Last Sunday my work place Threads and More hosted an "Australia's biggest morning tea" for the cancer council. If you haven't heard of this before, it is a morning tea to raise money for cancer research and cancer treatment. We thought we would make it a "small" cosy occasion with just a few customers and special friends, and have a little in house tea cosy competition.... Well.... it turned into an amazing event... it started with the local paper getting wind of it, and they gave a small write up in that weeks edition. Then the Radio station heard about it, which ended in Lynda, our fearless leader doing an interview , from that a Very Very generous magician phoned and asked if he could volunteer his services for the day. And as for the tea cosy competition we ended up having about 26 entries... They were all totally different and amazing in their own way. A couple of the highlights were a cosy that was approx 100 years old, A breast cancer boobie with a pierced nipple, a punk cosy featuring a skull, pins and chains, and a farm garden complete with little knitted horse poop bags! I loved them all. The Judge had quite a hard time deciding on winners, but unfortunately their could only be one no no - make that seven winners !!! The newspaper was there again, doing a round up story about the morning tea, and taking many many many pikkies! The magician wandered around totally entertaining the 40 odd people that had all come for the morning, good food was served and many $$$$ were raised... So well done Threads and More, well done!
and im sure your asking, well did you enter anything????? OF COURSE I DID!!!!! This is Lizzie, if you cant tell, she is a cow....
a few pikkie's of our guests having a natter (like all knitters do!!!!)
and more nattering!
a few of the girls from the Thursday night knitting club... yess they natter too! (alot!)
now, this little lady above is one of our youngest knitters, the gorgeous vest she is wearing, and her mums scarf were both whipped up by her own little hands... and she is now teaching her mother !!!!!
and lastly, i couldnt resist posting a picture of the ever so talented Jacqueline's "dig" at the swine flu! I just love the doctors mask she has crocheted!!!!! lol.
thanks for reading................................................Ax


Mumfies said...

Love that mask!!!