on the creative side..............

i chopped my hair off and dyed it orange!! I got home from work on Thursday night, and looked in the mirror and you know what looked back at me.... someone who i didnt know, with sholder length brown hair.... looking dowdy and yik!, so i fixed the problem, i got the scissors , and the hair dye out and went to town!! for those of you who are new to my blog, and there are quite a few from the world of 'swap-bot' (thankyou for subscribing to my blog by the way!!) yes i am an ex (used lightly) hairdresser!, and i feel much better about ME now!!
as i promised in a previous post, me letting the kids paint the sliding doors!! they just love it, they think they are being... "naughty!!"
a bit of charcol work on this page!! i have been making an album for a gorgeous friend of mine Kathleen, and it is the first time i have scrapbooked in a very long time, and i have to say, i totally enjoyed it. They are not the kind of pages i would usually do, i guess that is because they are not my photos, so i am being a little "calmer" than usual with the pages!
Dotee for Breast cancer... dedicated to Donna. and my new dotee mobile i made, i have so many of these little sweet things that have been sent to me from all over the world, that i had to find some way to 'keep them in one place', so i got creative with a few sticks and some string!
Brioney... pictured centre (she is the one in the black!) headed off to Greece this week, and asked me last Sunday to make her a spongebob to take overseas with her, so by the time of close trading that day i had whipped this little fellow up out of felt, she just loved it!!, (and he loved it in the cookie jar!!). o.k. enough from me now, tata..........................Ax


Ronnie said...

Nice hair Niss, do you want to cut mine??? I am in desperate need of one!!

Love the layouts, not you but can tell they are you. does that make sense?? And love the charcol!

Mumfies said...

Yep, love the hair too.
I look like an old frump.... ah well... I just won't look at myself!

Sandra D said...

I love your hair - looks even better in real life!! You did such a good job cutting it yourself. Loving your layouts as always!

Lorri said...

Hi Niss, Great to see you here. Gorgeous pics of your little cutie! xo