a birthday, dotees and such

firstly i want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATILDA!! i made these little sweeties for you, they are named "Matilda the sock monster" and "pansy the dotee doll", enjoy them...luv ya guts!
as you can probably guess, this little darling is named "Dorothy"!!!
She was made for a wizard of oz swap, and is on a plane on her way to TULSA...U.S.A
(dont you love the ruby slippers)
the Dotee above is for another swap, a butterfly swap actually...(durr, i hear you say!)
she is off to Canada.

and i was happy with how this orange one turned out..i posted her off to Tassie, and forgot to name her, hopefully her new owner do it on my behalf.

Miss Sherrie, is also on a trip overseas.

this is Urkle, my first softee, aint he the cutest, he is on his way to Japan!!!

and this one was made for a "sweet dreams" swap, he is a sleep walker, who gets up to mischief!


imagine a monday morning, you have had a rough night the night before as your kids are sick, so you havent slept much, your trying to get one "motivated" to get ready for school, while the other one is clinging to you leg saying "mummy, mummy up" while her arms are stretch and the little hands are pulling at the PJ top your wearing that the buttons are done up crooked, that doesn't match your pants, your hair is EVERYWHERE, you havent brushed it or your teeth yet, your socks are pulled up over your PJ pants, you've got PMT badly!!(are ya getting the picture) believe me it wasn't pretty), WHEN you get this knock at the door. I dont know what your first thought would be, but mine was AWE CRAP!! who the bloody hell is that!! So wingey babe in arms i open the door to probably the best looking delivery driver i have ever seen. holding a box.. well his reaction was, Oh sorry lady...this is for you, if you could just sign here....and he was up those stairs to his van quicker that a chook with his bum on fire!! (Yess, i did look that bad)!!so i get my parcel inside, and this is what i was greeted with well.... i immediately felt 100000% happier, (still looked like crap) but i was smiling...all this for little ole me! and inside was.... sweedish fish!!!! yay, woot woot, i was doing the happy dance around the kitchen..Mooselet, Mumfies and WTF if you were here i would have shared them....promise;), along with all these other goodies...

then Tuesday.....(looking much better, and at a more reasonable time) i get another delivery driver, (a different one) i think mondays driver saw the address on the package, and said to his co-worker, you go this time, im scared!!! and i got this....

a wonderful package of craft stuff!!....
and this package also came in the letter box that afternoon, full of all sorts!
this wonderful package of fabric from "fabric fanatic's" group came on wednesday.

and these too dotee dolls arrived during the week too!!

i am so lucky to be involved with a wonderful group of girls, some i know and some complete strangers, but we all think on the same wave length, and all have the same love of handcrafts, so until later................................................Ax


Mumfies said...

Why does that NEVER EVER happen to me??!!!
I did have the early morning knock at the door recently, looking, I think, like you did here! We had had a guinea pig massacre by a neighbourhood cat. We were dealing with it when the pool heating guy turned up - FOUR hours early I might add. Yes, another lovely day in paradise :)
I'll keep hoping for parcels instead.

Jen said...

where on earth do you find all these things to do lol