YEP ITS MONDAY (well its actually tuesday)

but i will do my Monday ...LOVE DAY today as i forgot yesterday!!!! today i am going to tell you all about my love for games and puzzles. there are lots i love to play, but there a few i LOVE, i love mahjong, my mum use to play it all the time when i lived in Malaysia as a child, i loved the sound of the tiles tweetering as the were all rambled together with their fast hands, i love the marble, the smoothness and the coldness in your hand, and i love to play the game as well, especially on the computer!!! Crosswords, i do at least one a day whether its in a a magazine or the newspaper, i even occasionally get the cryptic one solved which gives me a huge buzz! It keeps my brain ticking...(although you would think my spelling would be a little better because of it!) MONOPOLY i absolutely hated this game as a child, i think it was because i always lost and i was never allowed to be the banker!!! But playing it with my son now, i enjoy it, (I'm still not allowed to be banker and i still lose) ............................................. SODUKO, this puzzle is highly adictive, to me there like tim tams once you finish one you need another! and then theres scrabble, SCRABBLE ROCKS, i never get to play it as no one else in my household likes it! allthough i occasionally have a game against my girlfriends on our facebook account! (We went through a stage were we had about 26 games going at once, and i got absolutely nothing else done around the house, so we stopped that!) And lastly UNO, i know its a dickie card came but when my son was younger he loved it, and now my nieces love it, and i am always the one they ask to play with.. i also love charades, pictionary, trivial pursuit (especially the 80's edition), Boggle and Yahtzee. So i guess the main reason i love puzzles and board games is either the solitude of suduko, a crossword, a game of patients. or the interaction with the kids, spending quality time NOT in front of a telly....Uno, boggle, monopoly etc, and then theres the have a few drinks and rip out the Pictionary!!!!! so thats my "playfulness" in a nut shell.......Ax


Mooselet said...

I love Scrabble!!! I have it on my phone and play against the computer. Sparky will play now and again, but no one else will. I can't do Soduko or whatever it's called as I hate numbers. Monopoly is okay but it takes ages to play.

How do you find the time to do all this??? Give me some of your energy, will ya?