my Pandora obsession started with a charm i received from my girlfriend leah, which she handed to me at a scrapbooking retreat, and said "this is because i love you", it was a heart with a pink stone in it, i had never seen or even heard of these things before, and in the box it came in was a small pamphlet with pictures of all the charms...i was instantly in love with them!!! then on my Birthday 3 months later, Leah gave me the bracelet....Well the obsession had started...
So ever since that is all i have received from everybody who loves me,
As you can see it is pretty much full, (i think i can fit 2 more on it), and all the charms on it mean something to me, from the 5 handbags, cause that is another obsession i have!, to a guitar from my son to represent him, an i love you teddy from my daughter, to the ring of hearts from my hubby. and will hopefully for my birthday if hubby reads this (this is a good test to see if he actually DOES read my blog) i will get a 2nd bracelet to start filling! thanks for reading Ax