3 cheers and up ya bum!

Have just returned from the HunterValley, Singleton and Neeth to be exact where i spent 3 wonderful days with my family and many friends old and new to celebrate my nephew Jakes 18th... a huge night...sigh... sigh...was spent by all, we all stayed at the Neeth pub, this is a magnificent majestic old girl on the EDGE and i stress EDGE of town just surrounded by beauty, she was a stunner....(there were many many many sore heads at brekky this morning!!!!! It was so good to catch up with everyone, and extremely sad to say goodbye, (only until October, thankgawd)!! So Happy Happy Happy Birthday Mate, i had a blast! And here are a couple of pikkies of my nieces (well 3 of them anyway) being "ever so respectful" to there Aunty Niss!!!!!! I love you all heaps...Ya Monkeys!