have you ever wanted to build a billy cart?

today was the 2009 Brisbane Billycart Championships a race for Glory for the people of Brisbane!! It was a chance to strap on the speed goggles and a helmet and race down the grassy hills at Carindale for the crown jewel. Several races took place over the day with prizes for fastest billy cart, most imaginative design, best dress team, as well as winners in age categories.
well my dear son decided this year he was going to enter.....
and guess what????
so in BJ's words......
i races in the first heat, and whipped this guys butt.. so i made it into the second heat.. it was pretty close, but i yeah.. beat him too..., so i had to race again in a third race, and won that too, So that meant i made it to the semi's, well i won that race, and then had to race this bigger dude in the finals.. but hey... i beat him..!!!
i have to add... straight after he went over the finish line his left wheel fell off!!!
YES he won the 2009 billy cart championships!!!!!
am i a proud mama or what!.......................A x


Mumfies said...

Well how 'bout that then!!! How wonderful! I didn't even know there was such a thing. Fuzz Ball has made heaps of them and never entered them anywhere. Mind you, they don't look quite as fancy, but he did make them solo so that's different I guess.
My goodness, that is so impressive! I love the trophy too! Way to go!

Thea said...

Excellent! It brings back wonderful memories of my brothers and I rolling down our hill on our billy cart. it was lovely meeting you today!