Hi everyone, yeah, i know, i know i am a slack blogger, but i have had nothing to say or show! School is back "YAAH" and my little boy is a big grade 9er! scarey stuff. and my little angel started a new day care 2 days a week, and she is a little more relaxed at this one! (not so highly strung when we drop her off). As we all know we had a "break" from footy last year (which i missed dreadfully but dont tell him!), but i have just been told by Master B that he wants to play again this year, and not the nice and handy local one that is in the next street, two seconds away from home, NOOOO, he wants to play for the one he use to play for which is 1/2 an hour drive away for practise twice a week, and sometimes over an hour to get to a game.... sigh... at least he is faithful, now i just have to find our when sign ups are!! (and i have to admit, i cant wait to go!) I am taking a break from all things crafty at the moment, im kinda psyching myself up enough to put it allllllll, (and there is lots!) in boxes! As we are on the move, you see the house we have been living in for many years has been on the market and finally sold on the weekend. :(. So now we are doing the house hunting thing!! and i dont enjoy it at all!! I wish there was someone you could hire to find you a house to buy, you know, sort of like a realestate agent that works for the buyer not the seller, where you could just sit on your butt until you get a call saying, "hey we found you a house, its just perfect. 4 bedrooms, 2 bath rooms, double remote lock up garage on a 900 square meter block, at the end of a culdisac, its has so much personality, and you will love it" where i would respond with "cool, does it have a craft room" and he/she would reply with "sure it does, and its huge, with a full wall of storage, its painted tiffany box blue with white washed floors and you will love it" and "it has the most gorgeous landscaped gardens with a pool, and lots of room for the kids to run around, a full gourmet kitchen (for hubby, though i better add something for him), and the best part its under $400,000.. aahhh, now to stop dreaming, as i have a 3 bedroom dump to go look at! (just leaving you with a few pic of my dream room!) dream dream dream...... talk soon .................................Ax


Mumfies said...

Well how fortunate I popped on here now, to see what you're up to! Sign-on is this weekend so check the website for actual times, I can't think of the correct times. I'll be there helping so had better find out!
You can see a bit of what we've been doing on my blog. I'm not much of a blogger but there's a teeny bit there.
Good luck moving. I can't stand it! Moved too many times. Don't forget Roze is a mortgage broker.
Ooooh, so pleased to see you all the time again. You'll LOVE the coach, he's fantastic.
My Princess sign-up for soccer this year, not the handy close by one either.
Happy packing :)

Mooselet said...

Spoke with Coach Thom the other day - Monday? - and he'd like the U14 boys to come on Saturday around 2:30, if possible, as he wants to host a picnic for the boys and play a little touch as well. So glad to have you back, and you'll love Coach Thom. He really is that good. Will we still get Maccas if he scores? :-)

I hate moving. They do have agents who will act for a buyer, but it's not common and you have to hunt for them. I'm also sure they cost a fortune. Our lifesaver was - saved a lot of useless looking.

Hope to see you this weekend - we knew you missed us.

Ronnie said...

Hey Niss. Been there doing that right now!! Luckily it took us only 2 weeks of solid looking to find the house of our dreams, although is taking longer than expected for it to be complete!! I can't wait till we move out of the room we have been staying in for the last 2 months, living out of a suitcase with all our stuff (including all my scrap supplies) packed in boxes in the gargage!!!! Hopefully you will find that dream house soon!!

Anne P said...

Ni Niss, not sure if you remember me but I've been along to a couple SBC Crop nights. Anyway, there are such tings as buyers agents where they look for your 'requirements' and negotiate on your behalf etc and research the area. I got a quote from one group once and could send it to me if you would like.