Ive gone button fairy mad !!!! and more!!!!

Hi everyone, i know i haven posted in a while and im sorry!, well since i last was here i have had a pretty busy time, we have had the craft show on in Brisbane, its always amazing to see other peoples work, interpretations, and stock!.....BUT unfortunately i didn't have a chance at all to see any of it.. it was all just work work work for me, which is unfortunate because this is the first time i really wanted to look around at the quilts, fabric etc. I usually only go for the paper crafts but since i have now made 2 quilts of my own, i was interested this rear!! Bummer!! last Saturday i caught up with a few of the girls from swap-bot for a morning tea, which turned into lunch!! it was great to see them all again, and i cant wait for next month to do it all again. And than that afternoon i caught up with the Scrapbook City girls at Ronnies house for a Kazzaz party, as usual lots of good fun, friends, and laughs oh and a little scrapping. i miss you girls!! on the family front, Master B is going through a "dark" stage.. dark clothes, flat hair, grunting instead of talking!! teenage years, i hope they go away soon.. on a higher note for him, he has been asked to play the guitar and sing for the school (solo) and he is excited, gee im sure if my principle asked me to do that when i was at school i would have crapped myself!!, and my Angel/Monster, Miss A, is the funniest, cheekiest child i have ever met, she keeps me in stitches all day, she has just learned to say LOVE, so everything is love at the moment, yesterday she chewed up a texta and i mean chewed!! the little foamy tube in the texta that holds the colour was sucked to white!! so i told her that was naughty and to sit down for 1 minute with her hands in her lap (so she wouldn't grab another texta), and the whole time she had her lip dropped saying "but LOVE mummy, but LOVE"! how can you handle this, all i wanted to do was hand her the whole packet of textas... crafty me time, i was asked by one of the girls on swap bot to participate in a xmas button fairy swap, i had never seen a button fairy let alone made a button fairy! so i did some reaserch and said sure! so this is what i came up with - and OMG they are more addictive than Dotee dolls!! and as you can see below, i kept going and going and going and going!! i just cant seem to stop, they dont take that long to make, and are easy peasy!! most of the time is spent embellishing the wings and face, the tails take literally seconds!! thanks for reading..........................Ax


Terri said...

Hi Niss,

Love the button fairies....I don't think I'll make one yet (god knows I don't need to get addicted to anything else).

Believe me I know what you are going through with the dark clothes, flat hair and grunting....have one of those delightful creatures of my own at the home.....hope he doesn't hang around for too long.

It was good to catch up with you.

Mumfies said...

Love fairies. So cute.
Keep us posted on the school performance. That is big news! Good luck!

Katie said...

Loving those little button fairies, very cute! BTW I have nominated you for a blog award, check out my blog for details!