a few newies

another 2 digi's from the wonderful www.polkadotpotato.com kits..

I am loving playing with the digital side of scrapbooking, but you still cant beat the feel of the real thing, the texture of products, paper, ribbon and so on ....

what have i been up to, well.. not a lot really, i am doing a 2 day class at the moment with the wonderful, charming and ever so talented Jen Griffin from Jen's Jem's - New Zealand. (i will post photos, when i take them tomorrow in class) we are doing thread painting, and i am LOVING it! Im sure i can somehow combine this with scrapping, and get the most wonderful pages...hmmm.... something to think about!

My annual retreat is in 5 sleeps..yay...can not wait to catch up with all the girls and don the fantastic costumes we have all been working on so hard...i can tell you what we are all going as just yet, as the computer has ears ...secret squirrel. but we will make an entrance thats for sure, you can organise so much with emails flying back and forth daily!!!! (for weeks mind you),

I am still loving my job, its like getting paid to enjoy myself ( i hope Danielle doesn't read this, she may stop paying me!!) I wish everyone could enjoy their job as much as i enjoy mine.

The kids are well, bubs is running me off my feet, my goodness i dont know where she finds the energy to go and go and go all day, with only a tiny 1/2 - 1hr sleep a day, but she does, and i am trying to keep up with her and loving every minute of the age she is at the moment, she is hilarious, and she has started stringing words together, which is even funnier, but we can understand what she is saying, and she sure as heck knows what she is saying!!!!! Master B is doing SO well at school, i got his report card in the mail over the holidays, and couldn't have wished for a nicer thing to see when i opened that envelope. He is enjoying his "SPAM" he is doing Golf, (right up his alley)!! DH is working really hard at the moment too.

Oh, i almost forgot, Mum and Dad (the empty nesters) have flown thr coop and moved to the Sunshine Coast!!! boo hoo, it is sad, but hey i thing i can cut the apron strings and let them fly a little!! (but just a little)....thanks for stopping bye.........................Ax


Jen said...

Hey Niss not too long to go now. Loving your work that you are doing at the moment keep it up. See you thursday/friday