this weeks blog challenge WHATS IN YOUR HANDBAG........eeeek.... i dread to think today! O.K. in my that is....(as each day is different), and at the end of the day is always different to the beginning of the day! KIDS!! i have my purse, a black bic ball point pen (dont know how that got there i never have a pen!), 3 pay slips, (no i dont usually hoard, they were given to me all stapled together), my trusty Rexona sport non aerosol deoderant, my house, car and shop keys, all seperate but attatched together by a macrame owl i made when i was in brownies when i was 8. (my mum found it just recently and was going to throw it out!!!) so i took it back! (i think that key ring was the beginning of my love for craft)...i still cant believe she was going to throw it out, it would almost be classed as antique now...hehehehe. My pink mobile phone, a lip gloss (nude in colour) $4.35 in loose change scrambled all around the bottom of my bag, a receipt to claim at medicare (oooh yes, play money, i forgot that receipt was there, will be visiting my local scrap shop with that money!), a dummy, no not for me!, a hair band and ribbon obviously pulled out by my angel during the day, a half eaten packet of sultanas !!!, and in the side pocket i found a pair on my angels socks.. so there you have it, thats what is in my bag today, tomorrow im sure will be totally different as will the next day..... so as Monday was LOVE day and i havent yet posted about that, i will continue on this theme and tell my LOVE for handbags! i hate shopping for clothes, and im not a huge shoe buyer, but i can not resist a hanbag if it takes my eye, I will buy!! I will not go out shopping for a handbag, but if i see one i like i just have to have it!, I think i love handbags because you never have to try them on, they will always "fit" you, they dont make your butt bulge, there never too tight around your thighs, or have pockets in the wrong spots to emphasise the bits you dont want emphasised, you can always find a colour to go with that "other" impulse buy you made that you will only wear once, they hold more in them than a pair of jeans!!! well this is my excuse anyway! i have millions (well millions is probably an exaduration) but i have lots and lots of handbags! too many to photograph, so today i am showing you my ones i use most often. (which just happen to be black, pink and cream) I photographed them all together once and you couldnt make anything out, it just looked like a blur of mixed colour, so i will later show you my other colours! Working next door to a handbag shop doesn't help either!! and the fact they stick there head into my shop door and say "we have stacks of cool new bags in today" !!! So I just have to go and look, what girl wouldn't!....thanks for reading, until later....................Ax


Terri said...

Great Niss.... glad I'm not the only one with aheap of bags.