i have crossed over

for those of you who know me really really well, would know that i love my NRL and have supported the roosters since i was a wee tot...well i have dumped them...GASP i hear you say.. Well if they are going to buy absolute wankers - the like of Willie (the turd) Mason, wouldnt you!!!! so since i heard this news months and months ago, i have been hanging in footy limbo!!! WHO AM I GOING TO SUPPORT???? well the decision has been made, and the team that gets all my love and devotion this year is...........................the bunnies! yes RABBITO's are now my team, (well until Roosters get rid of Willie anyway)!....and the reason why... they now have my beloved Craig Wing...Ahhh i could look at this guy play footy all day...what a bod!!! oh and the face ain't half bad either! (see below) .....Ax


Mumfies said...

I was wondering if I can now like the Bulldogs?! I'm not so sure. I think I still won't!
I wasn't particularly into the Roosters but now I'm definitely not, same reason as you. Yuk!
Rabbits are good choice. I enjoyed their story on the ABC last year.