Year of the rat

KONG HE FAT CHOI, this year is not only year of the rat but year of the YANG EARTH Rat, and last time it was year of the earth rat was 1948-49. this year saw the forming of the Hells Angels, Sri-Lanka become an independant country, and the World Health Orginisation was formed, not to mention the first Olympics since WWII! This Year they are predicting much of the same and a lot more. Including Earthquates, Mudslides and building toppeling over with out a reason!!! Hmm doesnt sound like a good year at all! but on a more positive note i can tell you this...
In the "Year of the Rat", we can expect 12 months of plentiful opportunities and prospects not to mention being relatively free of turbulence, (which is great to know especially if you're planning on making some long-term investments, starting new projects, or keeping the home fires burning brightly).It's also a rather fine time to socialise and grab a sumptuous meal or two with friends and family!.... Ah thats sounds a little better!!
Claude Monet, Prince Charles, Doris Day, Sean Penn, Antonio Banderas, Olivia Newton-John, Mozart and William Shakespeare, and my brother are all Rats!!! And for any of you who are Rats, Besides being curious and intelligent with a vivid imagination, you are very lively and need oodles of attention (mental and physical stimulation), the positive side of the rat personality includes being easy-going, smart, magnetic, quick witted and well-liked! On the flip side, rats have also been known to be a tad cool, calculating, selfish, and protective when they're not in top form. So there you go, i hope i have shared something with you, ( I personallly am a pig, it was my year last year, and everything they preditced for me......didnt happen!)


Katie said...

Pick me! Pick me!! I am a rat!!! So, do you think the description is accurate for me??!! I think there is definitely some truth to its descriptions!! Loving the new look blog Niss!