OOOh... i have been to the other side

and i like it!!! yep...Hi my name is Anissa and i am bi-scraptual...i finally worked it out! after borrowing Photoshop 7.0 for Dummies from the library....and getting absolutely nothing from it mind you,( i think they need to bring out how to understand dummies, for dummies!!) I though i would google digi tutorials again for the 2100th time and i found an awesome one by Kim Hill, it was written in "my language" with pictures, and boy does that make it so much easier.... i felt quite intelligent after reading it, because i understood every word!!! THANKS Kim, if i knew where you were i would send you flowers, and chocolate, heck i would even rub your feet!!! so with that here are my first ever digi layouts, (the first of many im sure).

credits* all background made by me with photoshop 7.0 brushes, elements made by ME! credits* background, pp and elements - Ronna Penner, little hearts photoshop, journal strip made by ME!

and thanks for the kind offers of help i received, i think i have got it now, but i will still take you up on that coffee!! thanks.....Ax


Kim2002 said...

Oh I'm so glad to have been able to help. Your layouts look fabulous and I would never have guessed these were your first. :)

Check out more of my tutorials at :)

niss said...

Hi Kim, i couldn't find you, found me! thankyou again for the amazing tutorial, i hope i did them justice!!!


Terri said...

Glad that you've worked it out. We need to get togther with Katie and have a digi scrap crop.