Most people Hate Mondays...I personally LOVE them, so i am going to officially make Mondays LOVE DAY.. so every monday i will show and tell....What I LOVE! so today i will start with.....the kids I have 2 children a 12 year old son, who has just started high school! My goodness where does the time go, he is into all sports, loves Rugby league, cricket and golf. He is a FORD boy, loves the GT (wants this as his first car, and i can tell you now, It aint gunna happen), He collects Die cast cars, and has heaps of them, you know the 33:1 scale ones. (not a cheap hobby), he makes his own billy carts, and loves to draw! He is skate board mad, and can often be found designing new deck graphics for them, when he grows up he wants to be an architect, graphic designer or an actor...mind you most that know him would say he will be on stage eventually for something or another. He loves theatre sports, plays the tuba, guitar and was the lead singer in the school rock band for 4 yrs! and i have a darling litte girl, she is 14 months this week, and keeps me on my toes, she does new things every day, she is running everywhere now, and talk talk talk, i wish i knew what she was saying, she has these most amazing conversations with herself, with the finger pointing and shaking it around, she is going off at something, but what....who knows! She is as Cheeky as ever, but with her little angel face and that head of curls...she is too adorable!!! I just wish she would sleep in her own bed! She LOVES the wiggles, and her favorite song is Rock-a-bye-your bear, I am proud to be there Mum, they make me smile daily (although the 12 yr od is a little tying ATM!) I think i am doing an ok job as there mum, and i hope they think so too! thanks for reading Ax


Jen said...

How cute are they