I dont think i will be turning Bi -Scrapual in the near future!

O.K. i tried for the last 4 night for approx 5 hrs at a time....so to add that up thats 20 hrs, to do a digi LO, i have read all the tutorials, printed them out, re read them, read the digi scrapbook creations issues....and i just can not figure it out.....am i stupid, a slow learner....i never though i was.....so heres what im up to....i can open a page in photoshop. (i have photoshop 7.0) i can open a patterned paper, heck i can even create my own paper, i have the airbrushing down packed...but thats where it stops, i just cant seem to get that photo on to the page....i use layers...maybe im not using them properly...i am ripping my hair out. Should i be using a different program, I have the kits, both freebies and bought ones...grrrrr...if anyone can help....PLEASE...... i would appreciate it! maybe i am not suppose to venture into the digi world, maybe my scissors have been having quiet words with my computer, maybe they are ganging up on me... i just dont know! from a very pinged off.....Ax


Mumfies said...

I bought he kids a Just Digital! Kit for xmas and haven't really got the gist of it all. I don't have the time to sit and do it either. Nothing would get done.
All this crafty stuff it nice but how do you manage everything else?!
Maybe I need to be more organised... yuh, that'll happen!
Ok, day at home today so I must get to folding the four days of washing.... etc etc...
Yep, life's fun :)

Katie said...

Hi Niss! I would love to give you a hand with learning the digi ropes! Just give us a yell and we can work something out!! Do you have a laptop? perhaps we could meet at a cafe and indulge while we scrap!!

Terri said...

Niss I forgot to add that I use photoshop 7 as well. and once you've been shown a few things it becomes heaps easier.