Hi Everyone, what are you up to this easter??, we are keeping it pretty quite here, lunches and dinners with family, chocolate, hot cross buns, seafood, and crochet!
Food, yarn and crafting, what could be better!
Miss Angel/Monster is going to take a big step this easter, She is leaving a present out for the easter bunny, not a carrot, or milk, or anything to eat or drink....NO... she is leaving the easter bunny her dummies!, YES thats right my Miss 3 is still addicted to the little rubber thing that she plonks in her mouth at bed time.. So she is "going to be strong" and trade them for easter eggs. But this comes with rules made by her...... apparently! Miss A says to me during the week... "Now mum!, about the easter bunny getting my dummies.. when he hops hops hops and takes them away, he has to leave me only chocolate eggs, not toy eggs, and not toys just chocolate eggs and they have to be purple!". Ahh thats my little cadbury girl! So have a wonderful easter from my family to yours.... and think about me the first night without a dummy!!!!!!!..................................Ax


Mumfies Moments said...

Big girl. Well done!

neca84 said...

How did the dummy less nights go Niss?? all good I hope